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UK accounting and tax services for overseas businesses

Providing accounting tax and compliance services to overseas businesses is our core service

We are a firm of UK Chartered Accountants, Tax Advisers and Auditors that specialise in helping non-UK companies and individuals with their UK accounting and tax needs. This is our core service.

We help overseas companies with their UK tax and accounting

We are a Chartered Accountancy and Chartered Tax advisory business that specialises in helping UK businesses that are owned by overseas companies or overseas entrepreneurs. All our staff are either qualified accountants or are studying toward an accounting qualification. We have won numerous awards for our work and expertise in this area. We pride ourselves on our expertise, dedication and commitment.

“Leading Advisor for Non-UK Business Start Ups”

AI Global Excellence Awards 2019

“Best UK Advisor to Overseas Entrepreneurs”

Finance Monthly Magazine – M&A Awards 2019

Our strength is our focus on international business

We believe that we are particularly suited to international businesses because we deal with non-UK businesses operating in the UK on a daily basis. This means that we thoroughly understand the UK aspects of international trade, tax, VAT and law and that we have a good knowledge of many other countries’ rules and regulations.

Some frequently asked questions

  • Can you help us with our UK tax affairs? “Yes – our core service is providing assistance with all aspects of our clients’ UK tax and accounting affairs.”
  • What accounting & tax services do you provide? “We provide all the normal accounting, tax, payroll and other services that a UK business will usually require.”
  • Can you help with our overseas tax and accounting? “No: although we have a good working knowledge of some other countries rules and regulations we don’t provide non-UK advice. Our insurance doesn’t cover it & we don’t have the depth of expertise. However, we have a network of international partners that we work seamlessly with and together we can cover most jurisdictions.”
  • How high quality is your book-keeping? “Book-keeping is the bed-rock of accounting. We pride ourselves on providing very high-quality books and records. We use the latest technology to make the process accurate and efficient.”
  • Can you speak other languages? “Yes – if English isn’t your first language, we often have a staff member available that can discuss matters with you in your language. That said, apart from e-mails, most of our documents are in English. We do this because we find that its easier to control the quality if written advice is in English.
  • Can you make things easy for overseas consolidations? “Yes – we help our clients tailor their UK systems and UK chart of accountants so that they meet their local country’s needs. If needed we will help with using an accounting system such as Microsoft’s Business Central.

Preferred accounting software

Small, stand-alone companies

  • Xero
  • QuickBooks

Larger companies

  • Microsoft Dynamics – Business Central
  • Net Suite

Our approach to risk

We do not like risk and we do not get involved in tax avoidance schemes or other grey areas. This is an advantage for our clients because it means that we have a very good reputation and track record and, therefore, it reduces the risk that our clients are investigated.

“We are committed to helping non-UK companies and individuals set-up and expand their activities in the UK, Ireland and the rest of Europe.”

Simon Edrich | Director


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